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An NPC started to recode your world! Can you delete her from the program before it's too late?



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About Limitlessed
Updated June 6, 2018, 2:34 pm.

GROPHUR started to recode your world!
Every time she rewrite a line of code it gets harder to complete your mission and save your uncle. But when you realise that nobody have real feelings in that virtual world except for her, what will you do? Who will you save? 
Will you save your uncle from the Sky Beasts and get the good ending, even if it's delete all of Grophur's memoryes or will you save the only person who's not just a piece of code?

LIMITLESSED plays like nothing!
Most of the stages in Limitlessed are plays like in a platformer game, but some areas are RPG-like top-down view sections! And the bossfight are also turn-based fights!

Catchy and memorable soundtrack!
Take a listen to some of the game's music. All of them were made to fit to it's own place.

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