Mad House Rodeo
By Bailey Wheatland

A high octane action game of king of the hill where the hill so happens to be a giant monster

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About Mad House Rodeo
Updated December 22, 2017, 8:06 am.

Mad House Rodeo (MHR) is an online multiplayer game where you, the player, are pitted against other players in various game modes revolving around a colossal beast. Mount up with rocket boots, dual grappling hooks, and.....  a massive monster? MHR is an experience for the most extreme of thrill seekers. How you utilize your tools of destruction will decide who the victor is in a series free-for-all game modes. It is survival of the fittest in this highly competitive title. Unleash the beast within!

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Starkium 6 months ago

This sounds awesome, what engine are you using. Do you need help?