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A pixel art MMO game coming to mobile and PC/Mac.

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About Naica
Updated July 13, 2018, 9:10 am.

Naica is a pixel art MMORPG 2D  game coming to mobile (Android, iOS) and PC/Mac. In Na%uFFFDca you will travel and explore across medieval regions and get mingled with other heroes to forge your adventure.

The world of Naica is a gigantic crystal on which you will create your character and choose between doing a human or play one of the different races of animals.

One important thing : Naica will have adaptative classes, meaning that you will be able to switch from tank to healer by reseting all your skill points and use them in the according skill & attributes you need to (but you still better have the right stuff to be useful).

Naica will also have an alignment system : in short it will be good to bad, based on your actions.  Each side of the alignment will give players exclusive features and access in the game.

More informations about Naica will be shared and you can follow us on Facebook and Twitter to have every news right on time. A website is available at this address Naica and you can now register to play in the upcoming alpha tests.

Naica is a free-to-play and is currently in development: we aim to release the Beta at the end of the year.

Watch our video from our first playtest:

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First in-game video
Devlog by François on April 16, 2018.

François 3 months ago

Thanks a lot ! We'll carry on that way :D

MickyDXIII 3 months ago

Looks dope! I like the art you've done so far. Nice work!