Nobility (working title)
By Ithiel Dragon

Use, or abuse, your status and power



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About Nobility (working title)
Updated February 17, 2018, 6:54 am.

Your rule is law in this open ended RPG / Village simulation game.

Make sure your village and people prosper! 

You are the new ruling noble of a small medieval kingdom, but not all is well within your realm.  Bandits stalk the western forest, attacking travelers and traders alike.  Pirates patrol the seas to the east, preventing necessary supplies from entering or leaving your village.  Not to mention the dragons infesting the mountains to the south, preventing you from mining valuable ore and gems.  You've got your work cut out for you!

  • Align with one, or several, different factions, each with their own benefits and drawbacks, who can help you achieve your goals. But choose your allies carefully, gaining reputation with one, might put you at war with another!
  • Rule with love, or fear.  Your choices can shift your people's opinion of you. The more your people love you, the more willing they will be to assist you in your endeavors, and forgive your mistakes. However this may encourage your enemies to take advantage of your kindness.  Often a heavy hand can get results faster than a kind one.  However if you are a tyrant, fear will only keep your people in line for so long, and they may eventually attempt to overthrow you, unless you take proper precautions. 
  • Harvest crops, raise animals, mine ore, fish, hunt, gather and craft valuable goods to use or sell yourself, or if you have the gold, hire workers to do it for you.  Invest in your industries to increase the prosperity, and profitability, of your village. 
  • Weather, time, and seasonal changes will affect what industries, and goods, are available for you throughout the game.  Raising your reputation with certain factions may provide valuable bonuses to your industries. 
  • Do favors for, and give gifts, to people to raise your relationship with them.  Will you marry for love, money,  or power?
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Getting Started
Devlog by Ithiel Dragon on February 17, 2018.

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