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Run, jump your way across platforms, with one simple goal in mind. Get to the Exit Door.

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About Platforms RGB
Updated December 31, 2017, 9:05 pm.

The Game is a 2D platformer.

The basic premise is to get to the exit door, to end the level and get to the new one.

there are no enemies, no collectibles, no health bar.

The game consists of over 12 thoughtfully designed levels to engage the player:

Game Mechanics as of DEC/2017:

1. Move left/right

2. Jump

3. Enter Doors    (to the next level)

4. Switch (to enable or disable certain game elements)

5. Moving platforms

6. Ladders    (to climb up to a location)


Any Feedback/Critique is greatly appreciated.

Since this is my first game project, I tried my best to limit my scope as much as possible.

So, I need to milk these game mechanic as much as possible. lol.

I think putting heavy constraints is the best way to nurture creativity. so yeah,

I will constantly be updating the project, whenever some significant progress occurs.

Even after the game's release, So stay tuned.

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