Poly Knight
By Call95

A low poly styled hack 'n' slash adventure involving ; lighting beacons, summoning bosses, killing fiends and completing puzzles








About Poly Knight
Updated December 27, 2017, 7:07 pm.

In 'Poly Knight' (working title) you  will play as a knight journeying through levels, completing puzzles, killing enemies and using an enchanted sword as your main weapon/tool along the way. At the moment the idea is that you have to find these monolithic beacons throughout the world and light them, repelling evil forces and summon a boss that will initiate a boss battle.

So the core loop is:

  1. Start level
  2. Fight your way through enemies OR  Complete a puzzle
  3. Find and light beacon
  4. Level completed

So once you've lit all the beacons in a chapter or part of the world a boss is summoned and you have to kill it to progress further in the game

There's lots of features I want to add like customization for your character, a shop, spells, but i'm trying to keep it simple for now.

This project will hopefully be the first game I publish, however i'm keeping it in the ideas and concept phase for now focusing on creating a world in the low poly art style. The reasons being i don't want to jump into another project that I can't finish, amount of free time i'll have in the new year is uncertain and I really want to create a unique world for the game.

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razorh1399 7 months ago

Really good concept, I also really like the art style. Let me know if you need a tester, whenever, I'll be down. I'm working on my first title as well, Good Luck!