Project XSYS
By Kev00

Project XSYS is an untitled turn based sci-fi rpg that features true 3D grid based combat and multi-character party adventuring.

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About Project XSYS
Updated May 16, 2018, 2:25 pm.

Project XSYS is an untitled #turnbased #rpg #4x #indiegame that features true 3D grid based combat and multi-character party adventuring.

Tactical Turn Based Combat
The combat system was built to satisfy the itch of tactical turn based enthusiasts.  In addition, I've worked hard to ensure that the combat grid is truly 3D. This means that characters can climb, fly, crawl, and jump over and under obstacles.
(this gif is a few months old, but it showcases flying and two-click context menu)

The mechanics of the combat system is based on the concept that your character can try to do anything.  For example, if you want to fight with two weapons, trip, guard, parry, or disarm you don't need a special skill to try it. There are no talent trees just proficiency levels.

Six Character Party
The character creation system is extensive and is a multi-step process. Steps include selecting Class, Phenotype, Ability Scores, Interaction Skills, Combat Skills, Exploration Skills,  Appearance, Personality, Backgrounds, etc.  Like classic turn based games, the system allows you to create up to six robot / cyborg characters.
(This screen is the most recent and it demos the random spawning system I wrote for the demo.  Zombies are spawned at the start of each round)

(there will be at least 12 different robot phenotype that you can select from and customize)

Hex Crawling

World map hex crawling is a unique feature. It's up to the player to ensure his/her party is well prepared and provisioned for each journey. Like many 4X games,time controls allow the player to speed up, slow down, and pause the passage of time. As time passes, various events will occur such as combat encounters, interaction scenarios, inter-party personality conflicts, discoveries, etc.   

The screenshot below is the most current view of the hex map. It is auto-generated by stitching smaller hand crafted Terrains together.  It has yet to be decided if the game will use procedural hex maps or not.  At the moment, I'm leaning towards a hand crafted map.
(this is a randomly generated hex grid - this image is several months old. )

Thus far, I've spent many long nights coding the games numerous subsystems (true 3d grid pathfinding,  database, event message system, animations, personality system, combat mechanics, inventory, character sheets, items, vendors, character creation, terrain based hex map, encounter/spawn system, survival mechanics, campaign events, etc).  The game has truly become a labor of love over the past few months, and I'm quite happy with the code thus far, but of course it's not perfect... yet. 

The game doesn't have a story yet and no real effort has been spent on content creation.  It's mostly just programmer art. :)  I have a ton of great ideas, but for the most part I've only had time to work on the game's framework.   

Anyway,  I hope you enjoy watching my game take shape.  I really need all the feedback I can get as I have much to learn.
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