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About Race the Martian Handhunters
Updated July 15, 2017, 8:53 pm.

The Martian Handhunters  Translated- In the %u201CYear of the Fingernail%u201D a small, by Earth standards, scout ship named %u201CThe Forefinger%u201D encountered a large blue planet (11-03-82) with a very large quantity of hands. To the Martians the hand is known as the: Belios 5-10 Digit, All-Terrain, Propelling, Flexural System or for short the B. 5-10, D. A. T. P. F. S. which is just plain transportation. They don%u2019t use only human hands. They have ravaged other worlds and used the hands from the inhabitants. They journey through the universe in search of their badly needed hands. Without them their race will eventually die out.   Because the Handhunters were in danger of becoming extinct they sent out a small group of Handymartians to investigate and report any useful information. This group %u201CThe Five Knuckle Shuffle%u201D headed by Capt. Hairy Palms of The Mastorbaters Group. After a year had passed they returned to their high leader to report on the mission. Pleased with the success of the mission, Distaloid Primus ordered a larger group to set down and start to establish a base of operations. (12-15-84) Soon afterwards they set out to start collecting their B. 5-10. D. A. T. P. F. S. so they could start to boost the numbers of Handhunters.   Now, within the past 10 known years that the Handhunters have been on this planet they have managed to increase the population 100 fold. When they arrived there were only 69 Handhunters left, now there are an estimated 364,837.4 in existence. One third of which live here on Earth. The rest reside in a very large, gigantic, hugomongouse, universal-class. Industrial strength, metholithic space station that is cloaked on the dark side of the moon. There are a basic 10 groups of Martian Handhunters. All Martians are one of these ten groups. Their objective on any planet is to gather all hands, destroy the current residents of that planet and to populate the planet with Martians while building their empire.

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Devlog 1 (RtMH Game a month jam)
Devlog by EJG3D on July 16, 2017.

EJG3D 1 year ago

Thanks, it is definitely getting there