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About Red.
Updated September 25, 2017, 9:49 am.

So this is my first game ever and it is still in development stage. It is a 2D platform action-adventure game. Really short description, if you want to try it and rate it I will be pleased.

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Version 1.2
Devlog by MuffinMan on October 7, 2017.

MohamedU3 8 months ago

For your first game ever, this is a very exciting project. I like your choice for the assets and the sound effects. I liked the way the hero navigates through the levels. Frankly, I couldn't get beyond level 1. I was stuck a bit. I think the entry difficulty is a bit high. You might think of facilitating the first level in order to provide an easier entry level. Nonetheless, I am impressed with your first game. The fact that you finished a game of this size as your first project is a huge step. I am waiting for your second game in which you will use all the experience that you got from this one. Good Luck!