By ZombieKnifer223

a Minecraft clone created using Unity3D Game Engine

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About UnityBlocks
Updated October 8, 2017, 6:00 am.

UnityBlocks is a game developed ZombieKnifer223 using the Unity3D game engine. UnityBlocks is mainly a sandbox recreated from Minecraft. It is currently it is in alpha phase so expect changes, updates, bugs, and exploits.

UnityBlocks supports Windows, Linux, and Mac, however, Mac and Linux were not tested so the game might not work at all.

Current World Features

  • Random world generation
  • Different type of blocks
  • Randomly generated caves
  • Clouds
  • Blocky worlds

Current Implemented Features

  • Blocks can be mined
  • Blocks can be placed
  • A menu with music
  • In-game music
  • A player
  • Minecraft-ish (Fastest) graphics
  • Fantastic Graphics

What I really wish to add

  • Multiplayer
  • Mobs
  • Health -Added in 1.0.4
  • Nice GUI
  • Player Models
  • Buildable Blocks - Added in 1.0.2
  • Infinite Worlds
  • Better graphics - Done in 1.0.1
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