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Intense racing, sailing strategy, and skateboarding chills!

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About WindSkate
Updated July 23, 2017, 4:40 pm.

I started to develop WindSkate a year ago. I started from a simple statement: I love sailing, but this sport does not translate well in the video game world.

Why? On water, action is pretty slow and there are too few elements to interact with. It ends up being boring (usually).

So transposing the sailing race world into something more appealing, faster, still fairly realist, but with a simple gameplay made sense. I mixed it with the skateboard world, taking some components and using ground world elements (trees, house, bumps, surface differences%u2026) to add value to the race.

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That%u2019s how WindSkate was born, a game made by a sailing passionate, but a non professional video game creator. In fact, his is my first game: As I started, I didn%u2019t know anything about creating a video game, but I started to use Unity and Blender, and after few months I had a consistent concept.

Gameplay is today mature enough to be tested by a wider audience:2 levels can be tested, and the player has the choice between few sails and skateboards (which impact the performance). It is not much, but enough to get an idea of the final game%u2026

You can test the game here (registration is necessary because of the beta programs of Playstore and Appstore)

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