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Turn-Based grand Strategy, Top down tactical action battles



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About Wormhole
Updated June 25, 2017, 4:59 pm.

Womhole is a on development game since 1 year now. 

Its a strategy game where you will rule one of the humans factions in conflict along the galaxy, but something from other world its very close... (lore in progress)

The strategy scene is turn based, with planet management and research. You will have a deck of procedural generated heroes, scientist, admirals, commanders, governors and engineers with permadeath. 

The battles have a top down view and are slow paced to give a more tactical sense over the action. 

You can call tactical pauses to change behaviour of the ships and set strategies depending on your fleet admiral and even pilot a ship in battle. 

You can create your own ship designs using over 60 weapon types  and modules. 

Again, its a W.I.P so everything regarding graphics, images etc is provisional. You will se for example some Shepard pictures from Mass Effect! thanks bioware but its just for now. 

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You can see some videos in our youtube channel: 



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Wormhole devlog
Devlog by Pnm279 on October 10, 2017.

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