Arena Game Suggestions

Zacchaeus444 #535 0 31

I am making an arena style game and would love some suggestions to add to my game. It is only a small game though so don’t give huge suggestions.

Bakel #642 0 88

It would be nice if you could describe your game, because not every arena game is the same also I dont even really know what "arena game" is defined by.

If you could tell me whats ur game is about or even present the whole project on this i would try my best to help you.

~Bakel (Dope Baron)

Interloper #656 0 70

What Bakel said. Give us some information about the direction you plan on taking the game. 

What setting/time period? Is it fantasy? Is it based on reality? 
What features do you currently have implemented (or planned)? How does the combat work? Etc. 

Give us a detailed breakdown of your game and then we can add suggestions and develop ideas. 

All the best Zac. 

Zacchaeus444 #535 0 31

Sorry guys I have stopped making that project as my pc broke. I have recently brought a new laptop and am starting to make a low poly hunting game. You could give me ideas for that if you like!

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