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I am working on a game (real shocking) and I am having a bit of trouble with coming up with a name. I was wondering if I could get an opinion on some of my ideas:


Gravity Machine

The Gravity Machine

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When writing narrative fiction, I rarely focus on a title. Usually when I've written a few chapters or have gotten lost in the timeline while doing work, the title presents itself. My advice: don't focus so much on the Title. Do the work, create the game, and the title will come later.

Unless of course, you are presenting this idea to a group of programmers and artists....then pick the name that best suits your interest for what the game will be for the player. Is the game taking place in a machine? Is the main mechanic gravity alterations? Answer a line of questions before choosing.

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Thank you JustSomeDribrats! What I was wondering is if I advertised it having one name but then changed it what king of effect that would have. You also gave me some good advice tho so thanks!

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