What are your favorite [Platformer] game?

Galactic_Raccoon #827 0 43

Reply here "What are your favorite platformer game!"

It's just curiosity, and i'm looking some platformer games to play!

Edit: Immersive ones!

Arsenal4444 #877 0 1

Sonic Adventure 2, Cloudbuilt, Mario for Co-op, and sort of Assassin's Creed. If you're into old games there's also Alex the Kid.

TheBinaryGuy #616 0 26

Mario, Contra, Cuphead, most of retro games...


That's a pretty broad genre! What do you like about platformers? Collectibles, precision in movement, fancy effects, special abilities, intriguing or immersive story?

What are some examples of your favorite platformers? This will definitely help with giving similar titles for you to play.

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