What do you think about idle games?

josehzz #338 0 78

Do you guys like them? if yes why?

Personally I play them for a day or two unless it has a clear ending.

And also how do you find them? this is the question I wonder the most because when I see the new games list on Kongregate and I'm amazed on how many plays all new Idle game gets compared with everything else.

3 months ago

Astra Cat #543 0 16

I have to tell you the truth, I'm a very stuck up person when it comes to games. I've never really been an avid gamer as an adult, I only was in my young teen years and before that when I was a huge jrpg and final fantasy fan. 

If you're studying the market, from what I understand, everything is based on trends and you have to follow those trends. My thought on people making and selling these products is that you have to know beyond a doubt that to a stranger what you have will be good. It has to be really really good, but then the challenge is to actually be a finisher as Tim has said in his vids.

SlowYourRo #572 0 30

This is an interesting topic, as of right now i don't really like them as much i use to. When i was younger I play one called Tap Titan or Tap Hero  i think it was called. Any who, what I did like about the game was how powerful you get without putting in much effort (i mean besides time.)i think they call them coffee games  games that don't need a lot of attention ro play them just tap and boom you get stronger (after you do the objective).

Didn't Tim say in one of his videos, that the world is a big place, chances are if you like a certain thing there might be other people who like it too?  

MisterTtocS #583 0 36

Yes, I love idle games.  They're awesome.  However, I will only play them if they have a definite ending or if there are a lot of achievements to unlock.  I hate the idles games that allow you to  start over to get a certain currency and you just keep playing.  It's an infinite game?!  That's boring!  I want to achieve something and feel like I accomplished something.

Also, as for find them, I just search them on Google or go to AlmostIdle.

TheDoormouse #661 0 26

Every so often I'll dive into an idle game, especially if it's on mobile. If it's at least mildly entertaining, and gives me something to do rather than check a phone with no notifications, then why not?

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