Primary Skillset:
Level design.

Secondary Skills:

Game Dev Underground.


Hello there! I am a person that has always loved video games. About two years ago, I started to play mostly indie titles. I really like indies because they are different and interesting.

My favorite game genre is platformer. I also enjoy sandbox games, shooters and rpgs.

I have teamed up with a couple of people to help me with the game I am currently making.

I live out in the country right next to a dairy and it smells really bad. Whenever people come over for the first time sometimes I can see them make a face due to the smell. That didn't have anything to do with game development but I don't care.

Some of my other hobbies include: Juggling, rock collecting and playing other peoples games and seeing how much better they are than what I have. I will get there though.

I thank you for reading this really bad writing and I hope that you can finish your game and that it does well!

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