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Indie game development using Unity (C#)


I am a 25yo guy interested in Indie Game development. For the past year or so I have been using Unity to create my own small projects, though I am yet to publish anything. (I'm working on that, thanks Tim). Tim's video's have been a great help in keeping me motivated to learning and creating, giving a good insight into the indie creator's world.

I currently work in quality assurance at a small/medium studio. This is giving me a solid look into the process behind the process of game development, as well as experience identifying bugs (though I feel I get enough of that with my own code). Ultimately I want to work full time creating games that I am passionate about, working within a small team as a programmer.

During 2018 I am aiming to complete at least one game every month, whether that's a small Gamejam game or something bigger.

- Recreated Missile Command arcade game
- Created small "Mouse only" puzzle game over a weekend

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