Primary Skillset:

Secondary Skills:
2d art, 3d art, and Music.

Reading, writing, drawing, and programming.


I started programming when I was 13 with BASIC, then I moved to C-plusplus when I was 16. I hold a Bachelor's of Science in Game and Simulation Programming from DeVry University. I've dabbled with many languages over the 24 years I've been coding (C, C-sharp, Java, Javascript, Perl, Python, Lua, Assembler, etc.). Starting out I used Allegro, SDL, SFML libraries. I've also dabbled with Unity, Unreal, and Torque game engines. I've been a hobbyist game dev since 2001, I'm mediocre at best, terrible at worst. The programs I enjoy using are Gimp or Pro Motion NG for pixel art, Krita for concept art, Blender with Gimp for 3D modeling and texturing, FL Studio for music, and Audacity or Bfxr for sound effects.

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