Primary Skillset:
Being Awesome, Graphic Design, Webdesign, UDK, FPSC, Video Editing,.

Secondary Skills:

Game Dev Underground.


Back in 2009 (I was 10 at that time) my brother gave me this game called Never Winter Nights, I played with the toolset and the scripting for about a year and I made several moduals (One of them was an awesome fan thing of Runescape, I called it Runescape three.) I eventually wanted to move on and find better ways to make games and learn how to create games. So after a few months of browsing and going through my normal life as a gamer, I found a program called FPS Creator, it was a simple and easy way to create FPS Games and I was thinking "Oh man I'm about to make Call of Duty". After I downloaded the demo and messed around with it a little bit I realized that the demo was a bit limited and my birthday was coming up. I begged my parents to buy me a full version of it they did along with several other model packs. During this time I started developing my first game, I got alot of crits... For Example - "How old are you? You act like you're about 10 and nearly every post you make annoys me." A screen shot of the game - But I'm glad they criticized me, Because some of it was actually constructive, I look back at my old posts and yes, I was a bit irritating, But I learned from that. The TGC forums helped shape my attitude and who I was. After about 3 years I felt that I was limited by FPSC so I then moved onto a more professional engine, UDK. In UDK I was learning, very slowly and steadily,there were very few tutorials on the internet and they were either out dated or never worked for me. So I had to learn this engine myself. Its been a year so far and about 3 months ago I started Hero's Legend, a medieval project. Like Mixing Skyrim, Sims, Age of Empires, and Minecraft to create something amazing.

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