Primary Skillset:

Secondary Skills:

VR, AI, ProcGen, Networking, Co-op, Sick Game Systems


I'm a VR gamedev junkie, recently recovered from a life misspent in IT. I love AI, machine learning, procedural content (when it's done well - or hilariously badly), and cool game systems and mechanics. I'm primarily a programmer, but I've touched most aspects of game development. I'd rate my skills roughly as:

  • Art *
  • Sound *
  • Game Design ***
  • Code ****
  • Make It Work *****

My favourite games tend to be RPGs and survival games, especially as cooperative experiences. I've been known to play the occasional shooter, adventure, racing game, strategy, platformer, or puzzler, though I tend to be more picky about those. From a development perspective, I'm happiest combining technical challenges with system design to support a games intended theme and vision. If it's one of my favourite genres, that's even better!

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