Primary Skillset:

Secondary Skills:
Writing, Level design, and Playtesting.

RTS, Story Driven Games, Tactical and Karate


Hey everyone my real name is Mo'tasem, but online, i like to go more with GrassWhooper.

i am from jordan, 20 years old, english is my second language, with my first being arabic, my hobbies are gaming, watching anime, and karate.

my favorite kinds of games are RTS,RTT, story driven and Tactical(lately, all i play is RTS multiplayer{starcraft 2 and sometimes red alert3}). favorite animes being : stiens gate, re zero. my favorite katas in karate are HyanShodan and Tekki Shodan.

ever since i was three years old, i've been fascinated by my favorite game, and still am which is red alert 2, after i grew up with this game, (and many others),i found my self naturally thinking "it would be cool if red alert 2 had this and that"i have come to realization that, i want to make games.

so, since January 2016, i have been honing my skills to make PC games, and following the rule of one game A Month. i managed to rack up, quite a few games through following that style which you can check out at my itch io

my end goal, is to create a dazzling RTS game with the caliber and beauty of red alert 2, even though, that is my goal, i am also taking my time with detours, and having lots of skill, and fun, creating different kinds of games, that are not in my favorites list. for now, i am working on different kinds of games, but someday, i'll reach that goal, and create the RTS which i dream about.

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