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Game Dev Underground, Indie Development, Art and Animation


Hello, my name is Dallas. I'm someone who has always loved playing games and thinking about them. Like most people, I am inspired not only by the big dog AAA games but the underdog indie games that earn the success they deserve ( Minecraft, Binding of Isaac, Subnautica etc). I have not spent much time at all making my own games but I am hoping to grow my skills and eventually turn this into a career. Making video games, or at the least helping in the creation of a game, is something I've always wanted and is one of the few career paths in the world I could say I'd truly enjoy on a day to day.

If you would like to collaborate or converse on these subjects, I would be more than happy to. Just be aware that I am still a massive novice at the craft, so don't expect the world from me.

Thank you!

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