Primary Skillset:

Secondary Skills:
2d art.

Game Dev Underground.


Your average mechanical engineer here. Well, average enough to me. Most of my friends are Software or Computer Engineers that I went to college with and remained close ever since. They inspired me to make a game (RPG Maker VX Ace is the tool as I am VERY new) due to me being their Dungeon Master for seven years now. My goal is to craft a story and game as compelling as my year long campaigns with gameplay in the veins of classic JRPGs.

The links are to my landing page (under construction, literally just started crafting the other day) and Twitter (soon to be the home of game shots and announcements). Even if the game doesn't take off, learning skills and the tips and tricks of the trade sounds like a wonderful way to spend my time, as this is first and foremost a hobby.

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