Primary Skillset:
Systems design.

Secondary Skills:
2d art, 3d art, and Programming.

Game Dev Underground.


Hello Fellow Game Enthusiast,

I am an ambitious programmer/artist who wants to create a game that would love by majority of people. This is where my heart belongs to, but you know, I'm such a beginner, and still researching about the ways on creating game designs. Never had a game that was fully finished, even in college (but there was some prototypes, though). And right now, I want to fulfill that dreams and should come true. So I oath to my self, that if it become successful, or if it has a good outcome, even for some few people that would love the games that I would create, I will share my experience and challenges so that the other aspirants will give determination and initiative to achieve their dreams. Enough said, I just want to do this for a living.

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