Primary Skillset:
Level design.

Secondary Skills:

Game Dev Underground. Games. RPGs. Level Design. Bethesda Games. Pvris


Hey! I am an aspiring developer working out of Edinburgh, Scotland about to head to university to study game development (regardless of how much it ACTUALLY helps) My biggest inspiration is Bethesda Games studios and it is my dream to one day work on the Fallout (or Elderscrolls) Franchise. If you're wondering about my avatar, it is an album art for a band I love dearly named Pvris (You pronounce it Paris) for their album White Noise, I don't work for them or anything like that, it is just a band I love and the imagery of that mirror has always stuck with me. Since I won't likely update this bio much I am going to put my birthday here instead of my age as it is obviously dynamic unlike my birthday: 15th of April 2001

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