Primary Skillset:
Chiptune composition, design, code, graphics (in that order).

Secondary Skills:

creating premium


VINTAGE Games is a one-man studio out of Austin, TX dedicated to producing premium-quality content for all platforms. Our approach to retro is uncompromising, and goes to great lengths to ensure that our content is virtually indistinguishable from the AAA, full-studio content of the old days.
Currently, VINTAGE is focused on recreating the great experiences we all had with the Nintendo Gameboy as kids. The GBVision engine recreates everything: The controller, the resolution, the pallette restrictions, even the system limitations!
[i][b]Expect the following games in 2013 and early 2014:[/b][/i]


[b]Barzeef's Conquest - [/b]simple 2d platformer - tough as nails, the first chapter in the Barzeef platformer trilogy
[b]Castles and Caverns - [/b]Dragon Quest / Breath of Fire-esque jRPG - follow an entire bloodline on a quest to defeat a Necromancer who's up to no good. The best "Gameboy" RPG you've never played.
[b]Brutal Alien Throwdown[/b] - overhead, arena-style shooter, allowing for simultaneous 2-player co-op. Will be manic and awesome with a comfortable character selection.
[b]Project: Sidequest[/b] - spiritual successor / revival to Quest Against Monsters, a nice side-scrolling ARPG I got to "demo plus" stage before a hard-drive crash ruined my momentum.


No games yet!