Primary Skillset:

Secondary Skills:
Programming, Writing, and Systems design.

VR, Comedy Games, Puzzle Games, Strategy Games, Unusual Games


Hi! I'm Lee from Whitway Studios. I originally got into coding and games development as a child with an old ZX Spectrum 128k to play with - I wish I'd stuck with it, but sadly I didn't - and whilst I tried to learn C without access to the internet in my teenage years I eventually gave up on the idea of making games on more modern computers and moved onto other things.

That was until I picked up a VR headset last year, and my wife who's only gaming experience is Sonic the Hedgehog and the Sims stood slack jawed at the immersion and creative possibilities of the medium. My mind was quickly made up that I had to pick up my old skill set and bring it up to date.

Looking back it was a ridiculously large task, and if I knew now how much work it was going to take to retrain, I might not have started - but I did, and I finished - at least to the point that I now own a company that is going to release our first game (People Cu3ed) in November of this year (2018). I'm constantly learning new things, tricks and some stuff I just plain missed in my deep end first education attack on learning games production over the last year, and love the joy of creating stuff that others can enjoy.

I've been a senior manager in business for many years now, and as such fully expected the business end of owning a games production company to be the bit I enjoyed and felt the most comfortable with - but I've been surprised to find the moments I look forward to the most to be when I sit down with a touch problem to solve in the design/coding or some other aspect of game making and finally getting it to work.

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