8 hour, live, streaming gamejam - happening in 1 hour!

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Hey guys - been a minute I know. Been killing myself working bazillion-hour days, enjoying the plight of the dollarless indie.

Gonna launch the last in my 3-game, livestreamed gamejam series entitled Games For Friends. I stream my desktop for 8 hours while I create all the graphics, sound, design, and programming - after which I release the game onto my website for free and give the link to the .swf.

Watch me make a game for 8 hours straight - then immediately play it! As far as I know, I've pioneered this particular niche of streaming content - so come support your fellow man. Or blue-haired lady, as my VINTAGE Games FB picture seems to indicate.

Tune into http://www.twitch.tv/swerdmurd at 1:00pm central / 2:00pm eastern - I'll be on for 8 hours doin my thing!

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COME HANG OUT! I'm kinda fun.

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