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Hey Everybody, I hope all is well with everybody. Thats right, it's a RARE COLLIN SIGHTING (use your Master Ball or Gravity Gun or something! lol)
So, once apon a time I was in school and learned about this guy:
I think we can see where this is going. I'd like to put together a GDU team to work on something similar to this for raising Autism Awareness - what do you guys think about this? I'm not quite ready to start yet haha, there are a TON of things going on in my life right now making even being here a struggle :/
But if you like the idea, if you have a better idea or whatever, lemme know and we can have a converstation :)

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RageMunkey24 #23 19 286

so we would make a game about autism to raise awareness about it? and the link is malfuctioning

DanaLovesVidya #69 20 138

I think what it looks like is the team would work on making the kid's dream game a reality. Probably credit the kid as a designer for using his ideas. Sounds cool to me. I don't have lots of free time but let me know how I can help.

The link redirects for me, too.

Collin Duval #2 5 96

haha sorry guys- it was working a few months ago and I havent checked it since. Moral of the story: this kids has cancer (Im pretty sure his name is Ben something...I apologize for not remembering), and he used the Make a Wish foundation to get a team together to make a game that kids in the hospitals could play to make them feel more hope about fighting their cancers, because the will to fight is just as important as the medicine. And I want to do something that helps people, so raising Autism awareness could be a project that could apply to the people who have friends or family with Autism (the game would be focused around learning ways to better treat kids (or adults, really) with Autism - to help with recovery. Now I havent looked a whole lot into this, nor do I have the time to work on it right now. But you guys are the future of this industry; WE are the future of this industry, so I figured if I planted a bug in some ears - maybe in a few years when I pick this up and there will be a team of people who feel they would like to help me in this endevour. And it doesnt have to be Autism either, that was just one of the first things I thought of. Any clearer? haha

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it sounds like a great idea...

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