A Programmers Attempt at Art (Part 4) 2D Platformer Asset Pack

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It is finally complete, my first asset pack includes all you need to create a basic 2D platformer.

Included in the pack is:

  • Player with walk, jump and idle animations

  • Ground tile with seprate ends to make it easier to tile

  • 2 enemies, a spike and a animated inkball

  • A key and an door with open and close animations

  • A background

  • A main menu

  • A theme song and 3 sounds

  • A playable demo with a sample level: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/240730800/InkmanDemo/index.html

  • The source file for the demo which you can edit if you use Construct 2 (free version compatible)

Here is the download link to the pack: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/240730800/PlatformerAssets.zip

Below is a little explanation of a few things, with some pictures:

Player Animation:

As you probably can already imagine, the player animation is a little choppy. I am okay with this, but I know there are
people out there that might not appreciate this as much. I decided to animate the images in Construct 2, by changing the
angles of body parts, taking screeshots of the image, and cropping it in Paint.net

I was going to use Spriter, but due to technical difficulties, I was unable. Thus the choppy animation.


Yes, I decided to go with a solid color, with no background objects. I feel it adds to the retro theme, although some might say it
is too bland.


The images look really cude in the post, but work very well inside the demo. The inkball has a nice bounce effect, and the spike does his job.

Main Menu:

I have taken some tips that I have learned in my last post, that were crutial in the design of the main menu. I added music, a cool font, and an animation.

That is about all I wanted to talk about for now. If you have any questions, sugestions for the series, or an example of how you used the assest, please comment below.

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Next time, I would like to create a Top-down shooter pack.

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Cute! *Spoiler* In the demo, that sneaky spike that appears right behind you after you grab the key is diabolical.

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