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Hi all!

A year ago i started developing my first game. I always modded games before and loved to create stuff. But i decided to get serious and i started with Unity creating a game.

(I submited the post and half of it dissapeared xD, here it is:)

It started as a simple action topdown battle ship but i got ambitious and i started creating a whole strategy game around it. 

Im half way now i think, and learning a lot in the process. The thing is that now i realized that everyone recommends to start with a very small project, but thats too late for me.

Im never planing to fall back or drop the ball because im on the dance already, but there might be many reasons for people to say that. So i would like to have some advices from you people about how to proceed without getting lost in the whole project (which you can see on my profile)

Thanks! :)

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I'll offer a few suggestions based on what I learned with my first project.

-Consistently test on low end hardware to isolate fps issues based on changes

-Try and be proactive with clever encapsulation and inheritance to save you time going forward

-Have others test the game as you develop it (Hire freelancers if you must) for perspective. Before watching others play my game I thought it was designed good enough to where the player would be able to intuitively understand it but I was mistaken which allowed me to make the changes necessary.

Cool game by the way. Good luck!

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Great! thats helpfull :) thanks for your reply David. 

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