Are there any \'free\' artists?

CraterHater #1457 0 22


I am working on a 2D game with a simplistic art style. I myself am able to do the programming and game design as required but I am incapable of creating any art. I was wondering whether or not there are any artists willing to partner up even if I can't pay them for it?


ARCHANFEL #1071 0 34

Hey there, what kind of game are you planing to make?

Christian Panov #1698 0 29

Well, if you can give them let's say royalty/rev-share contract with a percent after the release of the game, some might work for you for free, till you release your product.
The most important thing is to be a good speaker, to motivate people, to make them believe in you, your skills and your ideas, then you become a leader by nature, even if you are not the one in your team - that's the way how you actually get people working for you.

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