Arena Game Suggestions

Zacchaeus444 #535 0 31

I am making an arena style game and would love some suggestions to add to my game. It is only a small game though so don’t give huge suggestions.

Bakel #642 0 88

It would be nice if you could describe your game, because not every arena game is the same also I dont even really know what "arena game" is defined by.

If you could tell me whats ur game is about or even present the whole project on this i would try my best to help you.

~Bakel (Dope Baron)

Interloper #656 0 70

What Bakel said. Give us some information about the direction you plan on taking the game. 

What setting/time period? Is it fantasy? Is it based on reality? 
What features do you currently have implemented (or planned)? How does the combat work? Etc. 

Give us a detailed breakdown of your game and then we can add suggestions and develop ideas. 

All the best Zac. 

Zacchaeus444 #535 0 31

Sorry guys I have stopped making that project as my pc broke. I have recently brought a new laptop and am starting to make a low poly hunting game. You could give me ideas for that if you like!

jrmiller87 #861 0 11

You doing some sort of survival style hunting game or sport hunting?  You can go super realistic with this or go cartoony with it and make the realistic stuff more exaggerated!

MisterTtocS #583 0 175


Upgrades that upgrade your speed, health, jump, etc. 

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