Breaking down milestones

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First of all I like to take the opportunity to thank you Tim for all the great content you provide! I have been marathon watching/listening to your VODS the past three days and it has really inspired me to get my shit together and take my game development to the next level.

Today I put some of your tips to practice. I took my 2D game project that I%u2019ve been working on (on and off) for the past year almost - and made a one page design document as well as broke down my major milestones to even smaller milestones - and holy shit reality struck me hard!

After some hard thinking of what the game actually will include in detail I did some estimations (based on the somewhat limited time I have to develop, since I also work as a fulltime system developer). The conclusion; my game will at best be released in about a year! Worth mentioning, with some estimates quite optimistic.

Anyhow, I now have somewhat of a structured plan with quite narrowed down milestones - and for the first time I actually feel that I have a clue about how much job i got in front of me.

So, I really recommend everyone to put these tips in practice!

Detailed milestones link:

(Will try to get a dev log up and running)


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