Chinese Scrolls - Match 3 game for Android

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Hi guys!,

I released my game a few days ago for Android it's called Chinese Scrolls, it's a Match 3 puzzle game for Android. It's themed with an ancient China style, you have to match chinese characters and when you do you unlock new chinese words.

This is the first game I have ever created so I would like you to try it out and give me some feedback, the thing is I'm still developing it, this is an Alpha version so I will be improving it with all your suggestions.


Chinese Scrolls

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I love the design. It looks really simple and solid. I will try it out later to give you feedback on gameplay.

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Just played your game, it looks really nice and it's pretty fun, I don't get what the number means under the middle tile at the top of the screen though, but that's probably just me being daft, I don't play a lot of mobile games.

Only suggestions I have are to maybe an option to swipe the screen to swap tiles next to each other, and an idea maybe whatever the new tile is in each level, if you match 3 of that you get an extra move.

Hope this helps :) and good luck with your game

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