Do you prefer to use a game engine, or build your own?

EJG3D #335 0 68

I have never even seen a custom engine but I am very familiar with unreal, unity and cry engine so I prefer one of those. UE4 over the others just due to my artistic background and their visual scripting blueprints. 

GodOfMagic #282 0 20

Of course using ungine. I am a programmer but I have no idea how to even start doing anything similar to game engine. And everything I have done without game engine was text-based stuff in terminal or these read info from file - do stuff - write again to file type of olympiad exercises.

josehzz #338 0 78

I have made games on Unity and OpenGL, and I like OpenGL but making a shader than uses an albedo normal specular map took me about a day to make, but in Unity thats just drap and drop your textures and there you go. There's so much stuff already made and optimized for free! so I always try to use a game engine.

ZombieKnifer223 #359 0 40

As a beginner, I would pickup a free game engine and use that for my games. If it is possible, I would code a Game Engine in Visual Basic.

Wil Taylor #367 0 52

For me it depends on what I am trying to achieve.

If I want to write a game and be productive I will use an engine usually unity. On the other hand if I am trying to learn how stuff works like with the course I am doing I am trying to write an engine so I can apply what I am learning.

Qt_01 #396 0 173

programming from scrach would take 100 years so I use an engine

Jerry #358 0 35

I prefer to build extension of an existed engine rather than build one myself, especially for small games. But I believe it depends, say if someone would like to continuously build action game, then maybe it's a good idea to build a engine just for that. Every choice should be made rely on the profit in a period of time.

PRE_PR #438 0 28

I use Unity3d. But prefer Opensource Engines over closed source. When doing larger projects I'd rather have access to the engine's Source Code in the event the Developers of the engine go bankrupt or stop development of the engine for some reason.

Pixelectric #546 0 25

I've been using both Game Maker: Studio and App Game Kit. I like GM:S because the visual editor and built-in object types speed up prototyping a LOT, but I also like the flexibility of AGK.

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