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hi guys as most of you may know im a 13 year old programmer and i am a total n00b... i use UDK and i just made an installer for the game i made using the Unreal Frontend software... i am now wondering how i can get the small map to my friends who will download it... not sure how to do that, and if i can do it for free... its just a small map made up of preshipped Assets thrown on with the foliage tool... i made it for school so i can blow my teachers away im not expecting many people to download it i just wanted it to be available in case some of my friends or some of you guys wanted to check it out... please reply with tips and suggestions


Easiest way is going to be using a webserver and uploading it there.. if you dont have a domain or anything, you can use a service like skydrive from microsoft, or google has a online storage too.. theres also sites such as dropbox, etc.. You can check this link i grabbed from google to see some other options:

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What he said^

Would also +1 Dropbox, because you can just put the file in a folder, right click and share link. Takes all teh trouble out of it.

And hey, just because you're young doesnt mean you cant make kick ass games and do amazing things. I started a software company when I was 16! Everybody thought I was a crazy mad computer scientist but it worked out ok...had I let what they said stop me I would've never gotten anywhere.

InstantLife #98 47 315

thanks... well i tried uploading my file thru dropbox and it was uploading super slowly and it was late so i didn't feel like leaving it on all night. So i am retrying the upload, hopefully it will be completely uploaded by the end of the night! when it is uploaded i will share the link

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