Dream Projects

Elodeon #685 0 74

What's your dream project? That one game you want to make above all else but can't right now, for whatever reason.

Bakel #642 0 88

I would love to have a game like payday in cartoon / low poly style for mobile devices, with coop mode.
I dont even think its the best commercial idea but I want a game like that myself

Interloper #656 0 70

This is a really good topic... 

DragonKnight #425 0 389

for me, I want to make a sim/strategy type of games where the player can build and manage a construction company that has the same lave of rollercoaster tycoon.

the second type of game that is my dream game is an adventure game with 4 characters in it. I have this idea since I was 12 years old. but I wait for a moment until I am better and have more energy to complete these types of projects

Qt_01 #396 0 173

I always wanted to make a fps now I am working at a 2d shooter and I hope ill get better to be able to start working at my first person shooter. 

Galactic_Raccoon #827 0 43

I want to make a game just like half-life 2 , with all that thing of twist and blowmind with a really good story.
I can't do because i'm upgrading my skills with game development!

Lerrrtaste #813 0 21

Owning a studio and making medium-sized games (AA?) 

Jmcm16 #1004 0 37

I would love to develop an open world game! Scope tends to be the biggest issue on that one though...

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