Enjoy game jams? - Indie Speed Run

AffinityChris #58 12 146

Hey guys,

Sorry we've been pretty absent for a while, things have gotten rather hectic around here with us trying to meet the deadline for the IGF.

Anyway, if you're the kind of developers like us, you probably love participating in game jams, so I thought it might be nice to share the Indie Speed Run with all of you!

It's probably one of the best game jam organizations out there, and without a doubt one of the more professional ones. Just from the judges alone the jam can be pretty intimidating. Either way, I challenge all of you to make at least one game for it! The jamming period goes on until the end of the month, followed by the "Judging and Free Play" where anyone can play your game and give it a rating.

It's a pretty awesome jam, go check it out!


InstantLife #98 47 315

i checked this out... pretty sweet

VINTAGE Games #8 6 86

damn. Kinda just did this. Well... next time? :)

Jimmy Hurstel #50 20 194

I love this sites presentation. If I had time I would totally participate. Thanks for the share!

AffinityChris #58 12 146

No problem! The way I see it, the more competition we have in these jams the better, because it means more games and encourages better quality in the games submitted. There's plenty of other good jams out there too, so I'll be sure to share any that I might come across in the future.


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