Favorite gaming moments

DanaLovesVidya #69 20 138

I gamedev because I love playing video games, and I'm sure I'm not alone. So let's talk about our favorite gaming moments! I'll start with my only Free For All win in Modern Warfare 3. I can't believe I won with a crate. And the guy almost killed me with that semtex 'nade!

Tim Ruswick #1 89 2068

Hahaha thats awesome man!! The crate had your back haha. Ill never forget this one day right after Halo 2 launched, my brother and I were playing big team slayer and our entire rest of the team dropped out for some reason, so it was us 2 versus 8 people...And we could hear them speaking Spanish and laughing when they killed us through proximity chat... So my brother got a hold of the sniper and I got a hold of the shotgun, and he sniped in the sniper tower while I guarded the only entrance to it with the shotgun...and when I killed the first guy for some reason I screamed "MUERTOOOO" and he just lost his shit and started screaming at us at like a million miles an hour... All I remember from then on was us completely owning their whole team, screaming MUERTOOO every time we killed one of them laughing so hard we almost dropped our controllers and getting SCREAMEDDDD at by 8 people in another language as we dropped them like flies. Ahhhh good times.

AffinityChris #58 12 146

Oh man I've had a few.
In COD Black Ops (I think) I had this hilarious moment where I killed a guy just as I ran out of ammo. I spotted an enemy on my radar and switched to my off hand revolver or something like that. I emptied the gun on him only to find another person coming at me. So I picked up the second guys weapon even though I didn't know what it was. I shotgunned the next guy and found myself in the same position. This repeated with 3 other people where i kept picking up random weapons (including a ballistic knife) before I was finally shotdown from lack of range with my new found shotgun.
I've also had my friend Joe play me in streetfighter. I'm alright at fighters but one game I quote him with "(heavy panting) OMG it's like fighting a raptor!"
Nothing like competitive games to make you occassionaly feel like a BAMF

Jan@Sector49 #46 7 63

I've had some few, too. I can remember two of them really good. First was Borderlands (1).
Nothing more to say I guess... I don't know, how we got up there. We were laughing for the next hour straight on.

Another one was in DayZ with my best friend. We spawned on a server we just found and how hard it was to find each other! On my way I found a tank directly on the street out in the wilderness. It was pretty much broken and I had to leave it there. After I found him running away from some zombies, we teamed up and went back to that tank, so I could show it to him. For some reason he could drive it without any problems and we drove looting to a farm not so far away from the place we came from. We were just done with the farm when out of all sudden an Apache appeared above our heads. That guy must've had a really hard time to find such a thing. Obviously he saw us and probably wanted to kill us to get some of the loot. We were waiting for him to land the helicopter and find out what he wanted. He slowly began to go down and went faster and faster and then... Well...

What made us laugh really hard was that coolness which that guy way impersonating in that very moment and how slow he stopped in the air and then just crushed the whole thing. After this we had to deal with 50 zombies which came with him.



Disturbing13 #73 20 215

Playing Myst on the 3do before I bought a pc. My friend Chad and I played it constantly with no hint guide (there were none during that time) and actually wrote down everything we read, created maps, took notes and wrote down puzzle solutions. This notebook would rival anything that Brady could have come up with. We then realized that we wrote the entire game. It was the first time we played anything like this before so we clicked every nook and cranny; we didn't know what to expect. In the end we wondered if we made it look presentable and edited it, would people be willing to buy our 'Guide to playing Myst'. We then thought "nah who would want to buya game guide?" We did this for 'Alone in the Dark' as well. After that I oursued a cheap pc and started on my quest to make my own game since I spent so much time breaking down the components that made those two games. As I learned and played more game (not documenting them) I started seeing them differently, in a more analytical way. I was figureing out how they dis this ,what triggered that, and asking how can I achieve that effect? The Myst series will always hold a special place in my heart.

The absolute true first moment that game creation entered my mind was playing X-men for the old Nintendo entertainment System, saying to my self "I can make a better game than this piece of garbage if I just knew how."

Silent Hill was another game that got to me. I was playing it alone, at night, in the dark, with headphones on, and I lived by myself. There was a point where I needed to use the bathroom and I was hesetant to get up because I was that creeped out. I realized then that I want to do this to people.

Jaboney #107 2 11

Playing Mike Myers and quick scope lobbies with my friends back on Modern Warfare 2...back when the livin' was easy. Im now a PC gamer who plays more serious games and now hates Call of Duty, but back then, man did I have some freakin' good times.

vladimirsan #102 8 52

I guess my most emblematic gaming moment would be watching the opera scene in Final Fantasy VI. Somebody actually took the time and effort to put AN OPERA...inside a videogame...they must love videogames a lot :)....that's what I thought.

A close second would be playing TMNT in time (SNES) with my dad...it took us almost 3 months of sporadical game sessions...but we finished it :)

DanaLovesVidya #69 20 138

@vladimirsan YES! Nobuo Uematsu is my favorite game music composer of all time. That opera with Celes is a high-note in my favorite video game of all time. Thank you for bringing that up. Other Nobuo Uematsu songs that I can never get out of my head:
- Shadow's Theme
- The music that plays in FF7 when cloud dresses up as a Shinra soldier during Rufus' visit.
- ..... just about all of his songs in FF6, 7, and 8.
- His various tracks on Chrono Trigger

The man is a rock god in my book.

50/50 Studios #118 4 108

my favorite gameplay moment is a tie between two moments in Halo 3 that both happend in the same match

it was a team slayer on the small snowy level and a friend and myself decided to hold a ninja party (throw down a shield and assasinate everyone who entered the shield) in the middle of the map, we killed the entire enemy team twice during it. A little later in the match I threw a plama grenade randomly accross the map and got a double kill.

InstantLife #98 47 315

being a "famous" former admin on a minecraft server, it was funny when ever i logged in people would cheer INSTANT!!! lol it was great...

vladimirsan #102 8 52

Don't get me started with nobuo uematsu hahaha I think that guy is one of the reasons I want my game's music to be the biggest slot in my budget X_X

VINTAGE Games #8 6 86

First time I went through Magus's Castle on Chrono Trigger.

I was 10, and I was 3 or 4 days into the game / had just gotten as a gift. It was like 1:00am and I'd snuck downstairs / headphoned into the TV while my parents were asleep. It was the creepiest atmosphere I'd ever seen a game paint, culminating in the most intense boss fight of my life until that point. That entire hour + is still vividly etched in my brain... And saving once I hit 65 mil BC, shutting down, sneaking back upstairs, and just mind-circling about it for 2 straight hours :)

Good times, good times...

Statelessrich #30 27 143

Playing GTAIII for the first time. Hell, all of GTAIII. Few moments since have come close.

D Minus #128 8 86

I was playing Battlefield 2 years ago with some friends on the Wake Island map, and our team was pushed back to only one spawn point (or flag). Finally, the enemy took that one over and killed all of our team except for one guy, who happened to be in a jet. Realizing the game was over, he started doing ridiculous stunts in the air while the other team took shots at him. Eventually, one of them hit his jet and he parachuted out, landing at an enemy checkpoint on the southeast part of the map. Before the other team could make it there and kill him, he captured that flag, we all respawned, and within five minutes all hell had broke loose on the island and we drove the opposing team back until we controlled every checkpoint and won the round.

Probably the greatest comeback in BF2 history, if there is such a history.

Dizzy Media Inc. #13 31 395

The Journey Man Project burned itself into my mind for the rest of my life, this is the process of my mind:

Steps in order:

1. Thinks of video games
2. The Journey Man Project appears in mind
3. Gameplay remembrence
4. Thought continues on past The Journey Man Project's memories
5. Then whatever it is that sparked the thought of game design arises

You see, I can't think of game design unless I go through the journey man projects threshold of beautifuly entracing environments.

Another has to be the first time I played Half Life, I was young, alone at home, in the dark, headphones on, and remembered hitting the old dude with white hair in the head with the crow bar..... I think I nearly died laughing because then I realized what kind of game it was hahaha one i had never played before, ah the free killing sprees I went on in that game, oh barny i feel sorry for you and your brothers who were masacred over and over again for my pure pleasure hahaha and well, they had ammo i wanted lol.
Scared the shit out of me when things got serious though. I think i stayed up all night and beat it because I was so entranced.

Of course how could I forget the first time I played Resident Evil, scared me so bad I shit my pants when the dogs break through the window for the first time in that one hallway. I had a bunkbed at the time and my bunk was on the top, so when i was going to sleep that night after being eaten by zombies just moments before on a big screen, I return to my silent, dark room. Oh yeah, I was 7. Chea, imagine hahaha

DanaLovesVidya #69 20 138

I've got another one.

World of Warcraft; pre-Lich King.

Running with my frost mage (Macespindu) in Warsong Gulch. My buddy was playing as his rogue. I run around the right side of the horde base, slip in, grab the flag, run down the tunnel, blast the grass with ice and freeze everyone around me, ran to the middle of the field, hit my instant-spell perk and insta-cast a frostbolt to hit someone coming up from the side, which by chance froze him in place, ran up my tunnel, and capped the flag.

My friend saw the whole thing as he was in stealth mode just watching me run. The best part was the insta-cast. The timing couldn't have been more perfect.

I then proceeded to grab and cap the flag two more times.

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