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Hi everyone

I am working on my first game, a 2D Platformer called Slime Wars, though it is in early alpha and I would like some feedback from you guys if you want.

here a link to the game:

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Hey Timeline.

So from reading through the text on the link, looking at the screens and watching a section of the video, it seems like you have the basic gameplay mechanics down. It also looks like you've got an idea of the story (however the story description gets a little convoluted towards the end). It's an interesting concept.

I realise it's in alpha, but the graphics, UI and sound design all need a serious overhaul. The visuals can be off-putting at times, especially the choice of colours and fonts (lime green text on brown background isn't a good design choice in my opinion). The music gets repetitive and annoying so that's something which can be improved. Maybe consider adding some background ambience, sound effects etc. I can help you with the sound and visual design as I have knowledge in both (just ask).

It looks like the game handles pretty well, but I think you could play around with some of the variables and make the whole thing smoother. I like the world/level design idea of breaking the game into "zones", and breaking those zones into 5 smaller areas with a boss fight at the end. It's a tried and tested formula so roll with it.

The story could perhaps use a little work. Why did the enemy tribe decide to break the unity of the world? What is their motivation? Also WHAT tribe is the enemy?  I realise it's a simple design but you could make it more interesting for the player. Give the game world more depth. 

I haven't played the game so I'm working off the info available through the link you've provided, although I have downloaded the game and will briefly test it at some point.

I'm happy to help and offer more feedback. 

Good luck and all the best. 

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Hi Interloper, 

First off thank you for you feedback, it was all really helpful,  

For the story side of it, I am going to remake it because, thanks to you telling me about the story, I noticed it shifted focus from a story of grasp for resources of the planet to one of  what to do next, derailing the initial plan but one that is more likable, so that will be fixed up and put into the new patch that ( unless everything crashes and burns ) will release tomorrow or Sunday. 

For the Sound, UI and Graphics, the plan is to update and fix those up in the later stages of development

Again, thank you so much of the feedback, I am really appreciative it  did helped a lot.

Interloper #656 0 70

You're welcome :D I'm here to help. 

If you want help designing sound, UI and visuals, just let me know. I'll do what I can. 
I'm also here if you need someone to bounce ideas off, I'm always full of suggestions (sometimes to the annoyance of others xD) 

P.S. Good luck with the patch ;P

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I have tested your game. and there are things you should take a look at it.

first, let me compliment you for learning this in Unity.

but now my list that I have noticed in your game.
-the controls are weird I usually don't use enter to shoot the enemies not only that but I can shoot only one time and then I wait for 5 minutes before I can shoot again.
-the background dominates the screen. if I take 2 steps back I have to find the green character is on screen I no time.

-the level is long. I don't even know there is an exit on the first level. besides that, I find the level, not engaging enough it feels the same thing over and over again. I post a video how a level looks like in Super Mario 1-1 and you can see why it is so good to have.

-the UI doesn't scale on every screen with the camera. some levels do others don't.

as Interloper stated the art is confusing I thought those grays bits were some kind of grass but they were spikes.

also, there is a checkpoint on the first level that doesn't work I believe that it is the red dot that turns green when you walk over it.

and that is for now.

I hope I did help you to point things out what you can do better and good luck with it.

and now the video.



Timeline Games #647 0 382

Hi DragonKnight, 

First off thank you for the complement and for your feedback,

With the checkpoint and shooting, those are glitches that might have been caused with the new update. I will try and get those fix as soon as I can.

With the UI I have a question, what to you mean it doesn't scale. Does it grow big or small. does is go off center? I'm just asking because I've never seen that happen.


With the level length, it has been noted, though i'm not sure as of right now how i'm going to change it ( i am going to change it,  i just don't know in what way ).

Again, thank you so much for your feedback and for playing my game at all,

Timeline Games

DragonKnight #425 0 389

if you go to manual and the to beginnings try to resize the port screen in window mode. the screen text doesn't resize with the screen.
like this image.

also, I found out the second bug in the pause menu if I press other levels the button doesn't work.

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Hi DragonKnight,

First off thank you for telling about the second bug, This bug as been in a few levels, and thought taken care of in those levels. Again, so sorry.

Second, with the UI, until I find out how to fix this, just don't resize the window, I would recommend staying in fullscreen.

Thank you

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I want to apologize for all the bugs in the game currently, so much so I feel like I need to apologize. I promise I am at least semi competent :)

but seriously, I am working on the bugs right now. 

Again, sorry

Timeline Games

ZaxVax #658 0 68


1) Game screen resolutions that you don't support. Ban them right away along with resize window feature.

2) I love green color, but story is just not readable at all.

3) Music volume must be the same in all scenes.

4) Fire button MUST work, please don't make me spam press it. If there is a cool-down it must be obvious/visible.

5) Red is the color of danger. It was not looking like a checkpoint. I found it out by mistake. Really... I was avoiding touching them. :D

6) If you make your music annoying (and even if you don't), please make a quick way to turn it off at any given time.


1) If I can kill something I kill it. When I died much, much later, the level was deserted. Not enjoyable. Consider respawning gray buggers and rewarding for kills. :)

Pretty good for first game. But you are developing it waaay too long. I mean months of development is a no-no for the first game. 1 campaign with 5 - 10 levels. Bug fix. Publish. Move on.

If you want to know, I didn't finish first level. And most of your players will not. Make first 10 minutes of gameplay enjoyable. After those 10 minutes you can beat the crap out of those hardcore players who survived for that long. :D

 Good luck.

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Hi ZaxVax,

 First off thank you so much for giving feedback, it means a lot.

You actually bring up some of points i did not think about, thank you. 

Also you will be happy to know i am currently working on a lot of the things you suggested.

Thank you and have a good day,

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