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Hello guys,

i just finsihed the prototype of my game. It was hard work but i think it´s worth it. So i made a prototype to get feedback and i think in GDU are the perfect guys to give me feedback. Because here are many experienced people. I would thank you so much if you take the time and answer a short survey i made for the Prototype. So here are the links:

Boxtory Prototype
The Survey
Im really glad about every opinion. So thank you for your help.

More informations:

- Devlog #3

- Boxtory 2D Platformer

Thank you


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Hey buddy,

Congratulations on getting a prototype out there.  I just completed the survey. I hope you fin some of this information usefull.


Cryttexx #331 0 128

Sorry guys for the late answer. First thank you so much for filling out the survey @thedavid8 and @MrBoxBox.

The results and the conclusion of the prototype

Overall i got the feedback that the game was for a prototype completly ok or ok. The answer how much potenial they was answered mixed with put it out for free or sell it for 1 or 2 Dollars. I will decide the price or if its free when thw game is almost finished. The most critic got the control, the battery and the old tv filter. So the good news are that i decided to finish the game in winter or autumn.

Next steps:

- improve the controls

- new solution for checkpoint and exit

- rework battery or delete battery

- reworking the tools

- adding dialogue box

- adding inverse physics box

- adding magnet box

Thank you all


Boxtory Prototype

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