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Hi all,

This is meant to be a motivational thread, for encouraging developers to FINISH A DAMN GAME!
Stop coming up with ideas, stop abandoning a project half-way, and FINISH A DAMN GAME!

So, what are your excuses for not finishing a damn game?


The first time I had to jump out of a project at the last minute is because the damn engine turned into crap at the last minute (FPSC). Totally screwed up a game I had going called Operation Defuse. Wouldn't load.
I lost all of the finished levels and content when my computer decided to blue screen buckets. I then attempted to do a factory restore but as ASUS restore and recovery disks are complete crap, it died halfway through, corrupting my OS.

So then I decided, screw it, im wiping the thing. I had no choice in the matter, I had people who needed websites made and my PC was dead! (Websites are backed up on server)

I wiped the drive and ended up installing Ubuntu from which I torrented a version of Windows Home Preminum cause ASUS would charge me about $50 to send me a new one (too much down time, I was 13, didn't have money, plus I didn't think it was fair cause ASUS's restore discs suck). From there I started back up on Windows. The whole repair and planning process took about 3 days.

I started off fresh and decided to plan for Hero's Legend which is waht I work on today as a hobby ^_^
And thats the story on how I lost Operation Defuse.
You can check it out here and maybe download the demo -

Thanks for reading guys ^_^

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No excuses. Finish a game. Find something small and get 'er done.

The Indie Quilt Jam goes until August 17, so that's a perfect opportunity.

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