Game Engines, which one to use?

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Hey, so I'm new to game dev and I'm wondering which engine to start using. I want to start making basic 2D games and take it from there.

So my question is, which engine do you use? What are it's features? Why would you recommend it?

ZaxVax #658 0 68

Hi. If you go from zero, I would recommend to choose the community, not the engine.

Unity 3D, Construct 2, Game Maker: Studio - these 3 engines have biggest communities of developers. You will find lots of tutorials, guides, educational videos, etc. Your questions on forums will be answered much faster, it will be easier to find a team mate if you are social type, and so on.

Go there, hang on the forums and community sites for a day or two. Watch some basic tutorials for these engines. Then you will be able to choose one that fits your needs.

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Thanks Zax. I downloaded a trial of GameMaker yesterday and have been playing around with it a little. Looks like a really cool piece of software, might have to purchase a license ;) 

PsychoGravy #623 0 24

I personally recommend Unity 2D/3D, because it is a very powerful pre-made engine, along with a large community, which makes it easier to learn more about it.

RethinkRetro #497 0 46

Game maker has regular humble bundle deals so you can get the pro license with html5, windows, android and some other export modules for around $40 rather than 400

Also, I believe that game maker studio 2 just started doing $39, 12 month license. As someone who uses game maker I'm biased but definitely take a look.

Qt_01 #396 0 173

You should try unity3d or corona sdk .Corona sdk is great for developing games on android.

Geometer #603 0 28

I think Game Maker is the best engine for 2D. I've used a lot of engines but I keep coming back to it for all of my 2D projects. Construct2 is also good, that's the one Tim uses and I've used it a little as well.

Chengu #746 0 27

In my experience, I would suggest indies to start their first few projects with Unity as their Engine for the following reasons,

1) Learning curve is much smaller when compared to other popular and refined game engines. 

2) It boasts a huge and active  community with lots of support in the form of documentation, tutorial videos, samples etc. 

3) if you ever get stuck in your development and you can't find your way through a problem (due to limited resources/time or lack of knowledge) , you can rely on their massive and best in class asset store and purchase or download high quality assets to help you with your projects. This might be the single biggest advantage of Unity over any other game engine out there. 

4) Mobile games and 2D/2.5D games have been the forte of Unity Engine. There's a reason why most of the popular and successful mobile games and 2D/2.5D games are developed in Unity. 

MisterTtocS #583 0 175

I prefer HaxeFlixel.  HaxeFlixel can do a numerous amount of things.  One of the big things it can do is it can publish to Android, desktop, and web.  It's very easy to create sprites and animate them, create buttons, create game controls, use sounds, play music, and almost everything you would want it to do!  Overall, making games with it is not difficult and it is very easy to read the code. 

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