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PranavGD #1489 0 29

I use Godot 3.0 and I love it better than any other engine I have used. Godot relies on a programming language called GDScript, Godot's own language. It's quite similar to Python, which is one big reason I like it. Also, its very hard compared to GML or even C# or something. It is for that reason it taught me how to optimize code and properly comment it because I can't just keep firing lines of code at the computer CAUZ' ITS DIFFICULT!

Milan #1189 0 56

I use Unity, didn't try other game engines. It fits perfectly my needs, at least for now with 2D games, and there is plenty off tutorials and answered questions on internet. Soon will see how it goes with 3D games and web.

mic_matrix91 #1474 0 64

I started about 4 - 5 years ago studying DirectX in C , then moved to XNA, Monogame and finally Unity, about 5 months ago.

It was really helpful learning some very basic stuff in DirectX, but at the end I realized that, especially if you are an Indie developer who works in the free time, is not possible to create games with it, beacuse you must create your own engine and all the stuff.

When I started Unity I discovered a new wonderful world, where I could create in a little time things that with other frameworks took days and days of work!

So in conclusion, learning the low level technology is very helpful to understand game basics, but when you work you should use an already tested and full working engine!

oxgoad #1510 0 3

I'm a Unity guy too. I use PlayMaker to replace basic coding, and that seems to be going ok so far. Unity has a massive community behind it, which has helped many times already in finding answers to questions I've had. Their asset store is pretty impressive too, especially if you're looking for a solution to a problem you can't seem to solve yourself. (Mostly my game design 'career' thus far has been me running into problems and finding ways to fix them)

AnimaShark #1512 0 22

I started my game dev experience with Unity. Has a solid take, it have many tutorials that i could use and resources that i can use. Ofcourse, my first time is mostly trying to find out what this does and what that do. 

Ducksterly #1593 0 63

I'm a firm proponent of GameMaker Studio 2. The language is really easy to pick up if you program, and there's drag and drop if you're less comfortable with working on raw code. Really good for 2-D games. 

Head-Ninja-InCharge #1608 0 25

I use Unity , The work flow and the way everything is put together makes its easy to build fast and Unity has the option to build to a lot of platforms ranging from Android,XBox,PS4,iOS,PSP and many others. 

IndieOmega #1495 0 32

Unity is a really good and simple engine.

But unreal is more powerful, and the visual coding like blueprints, material editor, or the UI designer, or the animation blueprints, and Cinematics, makes Unreal a better Engine. And if you think I'm wrong you don't really master the features I just mentioned.

Also have in mind that they developed fortnite, that incredible amount of money will be inverted in their engine soon.

Game Maker and unity are the best 2D engine. But have in mind that if Unreal tries to upgrades the 2D features, will be a good choice too.

NNNIKKI #1448 0 143

I worked for over a tear with GameMaker Studio 2 and I would sincerely recommend it to everyone. It's "easy to use, hard to master" and has a HUGE range of possibilities. The only 2 drawbacks are:

-only 2D (i think 3D is possible, but I wouldn't recommend this engine for 3D games)

-100$ (or 40$ if you want a splash screen with the GMS2 logo)

Undreren #1709 0 22

For engines I've only ever used Engo, which is an ECS for Go. It comes batteries included and is highly extensible.

Right now, I'm just using OpenGL and GLFW directly for my first project.

Dhouglas Pedruzzi #1689 0 61

I'm start now in the game development, Unity is the more simple for me.

Guy Severn #398 0 37

Used Unreal for 4 months, Unity for three years. Both engines are good, but if i had to choose one, Unity all the way. (I found c# much easier to learn)

Spiffy #1765 0 10

I have used Unity and Unreal Engine 4 more than anything else (I have worked on a game that used LUA..)

They are at this point IMO very similar and if you are an artist, you should try to learn about both enough to be an effective team mate.

Dr. Acoustic #1766 0 16

I dig Unity. It's one of those things that click after staring at it for what feels like eternity, only to feel unstoppable once it happens. It's simple with its user friendliness and complex with the way objects affect each other.

GamingMaster734 #1776 0 4

I like GameMaker 1.4. I released my first game on it. It's easy to use, and no coding required.

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