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I am working on a game (real shocking) and I am having a bit of trouble with coming up with a name. I was wondering if I could get an opinion on some of my ideas:


Gravity Machine

The Gravity Machine

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When writing narrative fiction, I rarely focus on a title. Usually when I've written a few chapters or have gotten lost in the timeline while doing work, the title presents itself. My advice: don't focus so much on the Title. Do the work, create the game, and the title will come later.

Unless of course, you are presenting this idea to a group of programmers and artists....then pick the name that best suits your interest for what the game will be for the player. Is the game taking place in a machine? Is the main mechanic gravity alterations? Answer a line of questions before choosing.

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Thank you JustSomeDribrats! What I was wondering is if I advertised it having one name but then changed it what king of effect that would have. You also gave me some good advice tho so thanks!

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Something I've seen happens often with these projects is that it can often be good to have a work in progress or a sort of temporary title until you come up with another one, especially in your case where you would probably want to take your title from some part of your story that you may not have made yet :).

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@GoldenWay Thanks for the advice! I settled on "The Gravity Machine" (I don't plan on changing it but I may)

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