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Dizzy Media Inc. #13 31 395

We need a GDU application for android perferably!! :) or ios, WHO'S UP FOR TAKING ON THE TASK!!
I feel that if there was a GDU app there may be more traffic here in the forums section as it will easier to access when on the go. Juuuuussst an idea

Tim Ruswick #1 89 2068

Was actually thinking of this a while ago...posted about it here:

The thing is, it would be quite an undertaking for me, since the whole app would have to be javascript and jquery pulling from a PHP command base on the server side. Sure I could do it, but not something ive done before, and I dont have all the time available to really get it to where i want it.

If there is anyone out there with a good solid Javascript / jquery knowledge (no android dev experiance necessary) that would like to help, I would be down to do the whole PHP command set would GREATLY appreicate it.

So in other words, its on the list...just not super top priority.

Thanks for the suggestion!

Dizzy Media Inc. #13 31 395

If i could code javascript I would do it for you (would have ALREADY DONE IT!) but I can't v_v I will keep my eyes open for someone who may want to assist.

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