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Hello, kind person who is reading this.

I am here asking you for feedback on this prototype (link at the end) that may or may not become an awesome game. I just need to know if the core gameplay is fun and the challenges are not ridiculously hard (or the opposite). Art and code are not final, right now it's just a prototype for core mechanics and a few other features, so keep that in mind while playing. Try to imagine the game in its final version, with beautiful visuals and no bugs at all.

Tell me what you think and feel about the game. If it sucks, you can say it sucks and why you think it sucks. Suggestions are more than welcome.

You can post links to your own projects as well, and I'll take a look. I'll do my best to give good feedback.

Ok, that's it! Thank you!


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It would be cool if the shadow bodies vanished after a couple of seconds.

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I actually do want to give you some feedback so you can give me some feedback on my card game. Oh well...

Wacky Tacky Fighters (W.T.F.) is a fighting card game that allows you to pit Mages against Mechs; Ninjas against Dinosours and Demons against Paladins. There are five factions in the game that utilize different resources to capture the different feel of the combatants. Mages would cast spells while Kung Fu Fighters would string combos together.

The game tries to capture the elements that make successful games like Magic the Gathering (MTG) fun. It has play and counter play that makes each decision matters. There are many decision points that are not just trivial but trains the brain into thinking more deeply, on a tactical level as well as on a big picture strategic level. But it differs by having each deck representing a character and each card an action. Thus all the cards you play represent the actions that the character would take. There is no %u201Ccreature%u201D combat and the mechanics of the game are original and uniquely designed to fit the what the game is trying to accomplish.


Attached demo is an early development build that not only captures what the game plays like but has a functioning interactive tutorial. Artwork unfortunately are all placeholders to be done at a later date and of course the finished game would have a lot more content. As I am trying something brand new, feedback is very much appreciated.


Demo Link

Password: demo123

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