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Hey, working on updates to my latest project The Lost Treasures of Lady Goldfish.. The current version DOES have some bugs, but levels 1-20 should be mostly complete and bug free. Take a test drive using the web player.. Left click to aim the boat. hold down right to row.. Space bar is the boost. Directions right now are below the webplayer. Main menu items like credits and highscores are placeholders. In game hit the button at the top for options.. the only thing that really works there are the back and mute buttons. Pause isnt implemented.. also, you do have lives.. but if you run out of time, game over.. same with the whirlpools.. havent moved those to the life system yet..

The only thing I ask is dont share.. and if you play even 1 level, please comment that you did and leave any feedback here..

And mind you, this is my first game with Unity... :)

The Lost Treasures of Lady Goldfish


*ALL* feedback is valuable.. and yes i know its bad to use right click in webplayers, but it was never designed for one so.. ;)

Tim Ruswick #1 89 2068

I like it! and I freaking love the art.

One thing though, the right click for me keeps bringing up the right click flash menu for me, but it seems like you knew that.

Very interesting concept.

How long did it take you to make?


Concept came round in march.. so been working on it oh, 4 months.. but then I'm lazy.. I only code maybe once or twice a week for a couple hours at a time.. and yeah, the right click pops up the context menu.. no way around that that I know of.. but like I said, I never meant it to be for a web player.. pc, android, ios, wp8, windows, mac, etc.. but not web.. :) Art takes me the longest since almost all of that is programmer art.

Tim Ruswick #1 89 2068

I think you're great at art! Its one of the things that really makes your games stand out!

Gorogorosama #170 29 65

I think the biggest problem right now is the control scheme, and the unfortunate adaptation to the web.

Maybe for the web player you could make the "R" key be for row? I think it would better immitate how things would feel when playing on a tablet (where I'm using my left hand to steer and my right hand to "go").

Since your main goal is to get feedback about the game, and getting a sense for how it will actually play, that would be a huge improvement.

My other note is that after I game-overed, there's no way to restart or anything. Don't give players such an easy jumping-off point. Keep 'em in the game!

Will look forward to an update.


Thanks for the input on the controls, and I agree.. I'm actually working on implementing controls slightly differently.. Web version will not be available in the end.. thats just for testing.. Windows version will have those controls though.. Im also going to implement a touch pad option.

Game over yeah, thats just incomplete, as well as the next levels.. Im working on those as well right now.. Input is my big thing, I want to allow an option to reverse the buttons on bottom, as well as an option to use the touch pad.. maybe even some kind of tilt system.. Also working on adding some powerups / downs as well as another type of collectible.. to match the not in game yet tutorial.. =)

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